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12/26/16 Mandrills of Gabon
Episode #710
Jack treks deep into the rainforests of Gabon in search of Mandrills. The elusive and brightly colored primates are the largest monkeys in the world, and can only be found in Africa’s equatorial rainforests.
1/2/17 Crocodile Rock
Episode #604
Today, Jungle Jack is in Zambia getting an up-close look at some of the toughest reptiles on the planet – fierce and dangerous Nile Crocodiles! Then he takes a walk on the wild side with white rhino, giraffe and more!
1/9/17 Elephant Camp
Episode #601
Pack your trunks — Jungle Jack is heading to Zimbabwe! Just around the corner from majestic Victoria Falls, the folks at Elephant Camp are working to provide a home to orphaned Elephants in need. Jack assists the team in radio collaring a soon to be released female. And, Jack takes a walk with the fastest land mammal on the planet… an orphaned cheetah getting a second chance at life.
1/16/17 Calgary Zoo
Episode #304
Join Jack and his wife Sue as they head to the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada! From extremely endangered whooping cranes and powerful grizzly bears, to adorable red pandas and African hippos, this place has it all! Jack’s crew even gets an extra special behind-the-scenes experience at the gorilla habitat. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.
1/23/17 The Wilds
Episode #610
What could be better than getting up-close animal encounters with wildlife from Africa, Asia and North America? Doing it all in one place, right here in the ole’ US of A! That’s exactly what Jungle Jack has in store on this adventure to The Wilds, in southeastern Ohio! Check out rare creatures like Takin, Asian One-Horned Rhino, White Rhino, Wild Dogs, Cheetah and whole lot more!
1/30/17 Best of California
Episode #611
Jack is taking his show on the road through sunny California! First up, a behind-the-scenes look at one of Jack’s TV appearances in L.A., then on to the quaint town of Solvang where Jack experiences the world-famous horse training of Monty Roberts, and visits Lil Orphan Hammies pig rescue center. Then Jack heads to Hearst Castle and encounters elk, zebra and even elephant seals!
2/6/17 Snakes Alive
Episode #321
Borneo has some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth, and Jack is there to find it! Join in as he explores Bako National Park on the South China Sea. This is a Malaysian adventure filled with snakes and lots more!
2/13/17 Singapore Zoo
Episode #313
Jack heads to Asia to visit an oasis in the bustling city of Singapore – the Singapore Zoo. Regarded as one of the top zoos in the world, this open-concept park is full of surprises for Jack and Sue, like orangutans swinging in the trees just feet above their heads; and pygmy hippos, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants and a whole lot more, including a visit to one of the world’s only night safari parks. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!
2/20/17 Loango: Africa's Last Eden
Episode #806
Loango National Park in Gabon is often called Africa’s Last Eden. Come along with Jack and his family as they explore the untouched wilderness, encountering Forest Elephants, Forest Buffalo, an injured Sea Turtle and the wildest beach on the planet!
2/27/17 Man and Nature
Episode #316
Join Jack on this unforgettable journey as he connects with some of the selfless heroes of the animal world. From a retirement home for horses in the states, to world-renowned elephant conservationists in Kenya and researchers working on the front lines to save Tasmanian Devils and Koalas in Australia. Each and every one he meets along the way has dedicated their lives to helping animals in need.
3/6/17 Shamwari: Soul of the Earth
Episode #404
Jack is headed to South Africa to explore one of the most ground-breaking reserves on the continent – Shamwari. What once was old farming land, is now a meticulously restored eco-system brimming with wildlife and adventure. And Jack and his family don’t miss a beat, getting up close and personal with Hippos, Cheetah and much more!
3/13/17 Manatees of the Amazon
Episode #414
Come along with Jack and his family as they immerse themselves in the jungles of Peru. First stop, lending a hand to a remarkable rescue effort saving Amazonian Manatees – the smallest and only freshwater Manatees in the world. Then they board a boat to discover why the Amazon is called the River of Life – uncovering everything from rarely seen insects to incredible mammals.
3/20/17 Best of Alberta
Episode #415
Join Jack and his family for an unforgettable adventure through Alberta, Canada! Jack kicks off his journey in Waterton – home to the world’s first international peace park – before heading into the Canadian Rockies in search of moose, and along the way spotting a big horn sheep and a gang of travelling elk. Then he gets down and dirty, uncovering animals of the past, at Dinosaur Provincial Park.
3/27/17 DeWildt's Cheetahs
Episode #712
Jack goes to work behind-the-scenes at the world-renowned Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center in South Africa where over 800 Cheetah cubs have been bred in the last 40 years. Jack also comes face-to-face with rare African Wild Dogs.

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