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1/29/18 Elephants of Zimbabwe
Episode #509
Join Jungle Jack and his family as they immerse themselves into the elephant population at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The Hanna’s hide-out underground in a unique bunker at one of Hwange’s watering holes where they get a never-before-seen perspective of the powerful pachyderms. Then Jack and Sue are faced with the unsettling effects of drought, as they see first-hand how devastating lack of water is on the park’s 30,000 elephants. This is an emotional journey Into the Wild.
2/5/18 Ecuador's Amazon
Episode #911
Come along into the heart of the Amazon River Basin as Jack explores untouched jungles that are teeming with wildlife. He encounters Spider Monkeys, gets a crash course in jungle survival skills, before going on a night hike in search of the Insects and Amphibians that bring the rainforest to life after dark.
2/12/18 For the Love of Great Apes
Episode #609
Jack is heading to Florida to meet some unexpected residents in the small town of Wauchula. Nestled among the orange groves, the Center for Great Apes is providing a loving home to dozens orangutans and chimpanzees in need. After being rescued, or retired from the entertainment industry, many of these playful primates had nowhere to go. Hear their remarkable stories as we head, Into the Wild!
2/19/18 Rhinos of Zululand
Episode #803
Journey into the bush in South Africa’s Zululand with Jack, Kathaleen, and Zulu Nyala’s rangers as they encounter rhinos on foot, and see the tactics rangers are using to wage war against poaching.
2/26/18 Big Horn Transport
Episode #810
It’s moving day for Arizona’s Big Horn Sheep! Come along with Jungle Jack as he joins the massive operation to relocate several Big Horns from Tonto National Forest to the Catalina Mountains in an effort to reintroduce the animals back into their native range.
3/5/18 Chobe National Park
Episode #603
Join Jungle Jack as he comes face-to-face with the powerful pachyderms of Chobe National Park. The park is known for its massive elephant population, but Jack also encounters Hippos, Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Crocs, Warthogs and more! Then Jack spends the day with a local veterinarian, seeing both heartbreak and hope for the animals of Chobe.
3/12/18 Anti-Poaching Patrol
Episode #507
With rhino poaching in Southern Africa on the rise, Jack travels to Zimbabwe to see rhino conservation in action. Jack goes behind-the-scenes of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation to see how they are bringing paramilitary techniques to the front lines of conservation in a fight to protect Africa’s rhinos.
3/19/18 Going Galapagos
Episode #909
Jack travels to the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands where he visits a pristine island booming with bio-diversity called Fernandina, home to a huge colony of Marine Iguanas, along with Sea Lions, Sally Lightfoot Crabs and more!
3/26/18 Gabon's Primates
Episode #811
Gabon’s pristine habitats are prime for primates! Come along as Jungle Jack meets up with conservationists to learn about the future of primates big and small, including Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Mandrills and more!

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