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10/16/17 Lope National Park
Episode #805
The lush lands of Lope are home to rare and unique creatures like Forest Elephants, Forest Buffalo, and Red River Hogs. Plus loads of primates, and Jack has a close encounter with a gorilla!
10/23/17 Spectacular Serengeti
Episode #1101
Jungle Jack takes his grandson on an epic Serengeti safari. They witness Cheetah and Lion on the savannah, Wildebeest and Zebra starting their annual migration and visit a local Maasai school.
10/30/17 Costa Rica's Bats & Vipers
Episode #1102
Jack and Suzi head deep into Costa Rica’s jungles looking for Bats, before an up-close encounter with a deadly Fer de Lance viper. And, he meets a dog that can sniff out a rare Bushmaster species.
11/6/17 Living on the Serengeti
Episode #1103
Jack joins in on a mission to save an Elephant caught in a deadly snare, before getting a glimpse of life on the savannah for Lions and Leopards.
11/13/17 Tropical Tales from Tortugero
Episode #1104
Jack discovers Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park. He has a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a wild Jaguar, meets Toucans, Monkeys, and Caimans all before checking out life the remote village.
11/20/17 Ecuador's Amazon
Episode #911
Come along into the heart of the Amazon River Basin as Jack explores untouched jungles that are teeming with wildlife. He encounters Spider Monkeys, gets a crash course in jungle survival skills, before going on a night hike in search of the Insects and Amphibians that bring the rainforest to life after dark.
11/27/17 Rhinos of Zululand
Episode #803
Journey into the bush in South Africa’s Zululand with Jack, Kathaleen, and Zulu Nyala’s rangers as they encounter rhinos on foot, and see the tactics rangers are using to wage war against poaching.
12/4/17 Exploring El Valle
Episode #704
In Panama’s fertile volcanic valley, El Valle, Jack comes face-to-face with critically endangered Panamanian Golden Frogs and other rare and unique amphibians, before zip-lining though valley! Jack also visits a nearby Cacao plantation to learn ancient harvesting techniques, and meet the neighboring wildlife.
12/11/17 Chobe National Park
Episode #603
Join Jungle Jack as he comes face-to-face with the powerful pachyderms of Chobe National Park. The park is known for its massive elephant population, but Jack also encounters Hippos, Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Crocs, Warthogs and more! Then Jack spends the day with a local veterinarian, seeing both heartbreak and hope for the animals of Chobe.
12/18/17 Smoky Mountain Rescue
Episode #904
Jungle Jack discovers the incredible dedication of caregivers in the hills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Baby Birds, Raccoons, Possums and more!
12/25/17 Okavango Delta
Episode #602
Come along with Jungle Jack as he braves the waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta! The world’s largest inland delta provides a beautiful home to thriving wildlife like Crocs, Hippos and Elephants. Then Jack hits the safari truck to explore the nearby landscape where he meets rare African Wild Dogs and elusive Leopards!

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