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4/9/18 Costa Rica's Bats & Vipers
Episode #1102
Jack and Suzi head deep into Costa Rica’s jungles looking for Bats, before an up-close encounter with a deadly Fer de Lance viper. And, he meets a dog that can sniff out a rare Bushmaster species.
4/16/18 Living on the Serengeti
Episode #1103
Jack joins in on a mission to save an Elephant caught in a deadly snare, before getting a glimpse of life on the savannah for Lions and Leopards.
4/23/18 Tropical Tales from Tortuguero
Episode #1104
Jack discovers Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park. He has a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a wild Jaguar, meets Toucans, Monkeys, and Caimans all before checking out life the remote village.
4/30/18 Exploring Otavalo
Episode #1003
Jack heads to Ecuador’s highlands to visit a colorful Ecuadorian market before heading to Parque Condor, a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned birds of prey, like Owls, Eagles and Condors.
5/7/18 Creatures of the Ngorongoro Crater
Episode #1107
Jack and Suzi spend the day inside Tanzania’s famed Ngorongoro Crater. The dormant volcano home to hyena, lion, hippo, wildebeest and loads of other creatures.
5/14/18 Trekking Tarangire
Episode #1010
Join Jack and his daughter Kathaleen as they travel to Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. They search for an elusive elephant called Big Mamma and encounter tons of wildlife along the way.
5/21/18 The Great Migration
Episode #1012
Jungle Jack and Suzi are stunned to see the Great Migration in action as animals cross the Mara River into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Millions of wildebeest and zebra make the epic journey, while big cats like lion and cheetah share the famed African landscape.
5/28/18 Best of Montana
Episode #418
Join Jack in a place that’s near and dear to his heart, in the Big Sky state of Montana! Get a glimpse of life on the Hanna’s farm, before Jack ventures out helping wildlife officials trap and release a grizzly bear that raided a family’s farm near Glacier National Park. Then he and Sue meet a couple that have dedicated their lives to providing a home for disabled dogs, cats and horses. And, Jack heads to the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains for an old-fashioned cattle drive!
6/4/18 Jungle Cruise
Episode #419
Jungle Jack’s taking a Jungle Cruise through the Amazon as he searches for elusive pink river dolphins. But, along the way, Jack gets a lot more than he bargained for… from a sloth to giant river otters and even anacondas! This is one adventure you won’t want to miss.
6/11/18 Galloping Into Solvang
Episode #502
Jack and his family are heading to the quaint Danish town of Solvang, California! Join Jack and Julie as they get down and dirty at Lil Orphan Hammies, an amazing rescue center for pigs of all shapes and sizes. Then Jack meets up with the world famous horse trainer, Monty Roberts, for an incredible lesson. And, the Hanna’s stop at a charming farm for miniature donkeys.
6/18/18 Zulu Nation
Episode #808
Jack heads into South Africa’s Zululand and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park – the oldest nature reserve in Africa, where he encounters Baboons, Elephant, Rhino and more, all after witnessing the birth of a baby at the Zulu Nyala Game Reserve.

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