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Episode: 1212

jack’s best beaches

Come along with Jungle Jack as he explores some of his favorite beaches and meets the animals that live there, like Sea Turtles, Sea Lions and loads of other marine life!

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Episode: 1213

best of the everglades

Join Jungle Jack for a journey down south to Florida’s Everglades where he meets gators, snakes and other creatures from the swamp.

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Episode: 1007

Creatures of the ngorongoro crater

Jack and Suzi spend the day inside Tanzania’s famed Ngorongoro Crater. The dormant volcano home to hyena, lion, hippo, wildebeest and loads of other creatures.

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Episode: 1110

land of the maasai

Come along with Jungle Jack as he gets a rare behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of the Maasai at a village in Tanzania. Then Jack encounters Hippos, Jackals, Hartebeest and more!

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Episode: 1201

manatees in paradise

Jungle Jack travels to the Florida Keys to return twin orphaned Manatees back to the wild, before visiting the Dolphin Research Center.

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Episode: 1202

virunga’s mountain gorillas

Jack and Suzi head deep into Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains on a trek to find endangered Mountain Gorillas.

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Episode: 1203

akagera national park

Jack is heading to Akagera National Park in Rwanda, once devastated by poaching, to see its transformation and thriving populations of Hippos and Crocodiles, and a homecoming for African Crowned Cranes.

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Episode: 1204

rwanda: Land of milk & honey

Jack and Suzi discover beekeepers working to protect the forest, and Jack meets the sacred cows of Rwanda.