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Episode: 509

elephants of zimbabwe

Join Jungle Jack and his family as they immerse themselves into the elephant population at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The Hanna’s hide-out underground in a unique bunker at one of Hwange’s watering holes where they get a never-before-seen perspective of the powerful pachyderms. Then Jack and Sue are faced with the unsettling effects of drought, as they see first-hand how devastating lack of water is on the park’s 30,000 elephants. This is an emotional journey Into the Wild.

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Episode: 1209

rwanda’s golden monkeys

Jack and Sue head to Rwanda for an incredible encounter with Golden Monkeys before getting a taste of the local fishing traditions, and they visit a primary school.

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Episode: 1210

journey to catalina island

Join Jungle Jack on whale watching safari to Catalina Island where he meets a Humpback Whale, Fin Whale, loads of Dolphins, California Sea Lions and more!

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Episode: 1211

legendary bison of catalina island

Jack and Suzi explore Catalina Island, off the coast of California, and track down a herd of wild Bison that have been living there since 1924. They also uncover bats roosting in an old barn, and meet the island’s local veterinarian.

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Episode: 1212

jack’s best beaches

Come along with Jungle Jack as he explores some of his favorite beaches and meets the animals that live there, like Sea Turtles, Sea Lions and loads of other marine life!

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Episode: 1213

best of the everglades

Join Jungle Jack for a journey down south to Florida’s Everglades where he meets gators, snakes and other creatures from the swamp.