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Episode: 1007

creatures of the ngorongoro crater

Jack and Suzi spend the day inside Tanzania’s famed Ngorongoro Crater.  The dormant volcano home to hyena, lion, hippo, wildebeest and loads of other creatures.

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Episode: 1201

manatees in paradise

Jungle Jack travels to the Florida Keys to return twin orphaned Manatees back to the wild, before visiting the Dolphin Research Center.

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Episode: 1202

Virunga’s mountain gorillas

Jack and Suzi head deep into Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains on a trek to find endangered Mountain Gorillas.

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Episode: 1203

Akagera national park

Jack is heading to Akagera National Park in Rwanda, once devastated by poaching, to see its transformation and thriving populations of Hippos and Crocodiles, and a homecoming for African Crowned Cranes.

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Episode: 1204

rwanda: Land of Milk & honey

Jack and Suzi discover beekeepers working to protect the forest, and Jack meets the sacred cows of Rwanda.

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Episode: 903


Jungle Jack is heading to the Wild West to meet up with some of America’s most iconic species! Bears, Wolves, Bison, Big Horn Sheep and more!

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Episode: 403

africa’s big five

South Africa is the place for seeing the biggest and most recognizable animals in all of Africa. So today, Jack is heading straight to the famous Shamwari Game Reserve for up-close encounters with elephants, rhino, lions and the rest of the Big Five!

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Episode: 416

extreme atacama

Exploring the driest place on Earth has its challenges even for ole’ Jungle Jack! Check out this adventure to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where Jack searches for wildlife in the most unlikely of places, and gets a first hand look at what it’s like to live in this harsh yet beautiful environment.

Episode: 408

shamwari’s wild vets

Jungle Jack is lending a hand to Shamwari’s world-renowned veterinarians and anti-poaching unit as they work on the front lines of conservation in South Africa. Using cutting-edge technology, the team is doing everything from protecting rhinos from increasingly bold poachers, to caring for orphaned animals in need of a second chance. This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!