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Episode: 604

crocodile rock

Today, Jungle Jack is in Zambia getting an up-close look at some of the toughest reptiles on the planet – fierce and dangerous Nile Crocodiles! Then he takes a walk on the wild side with white rhino, giraffe and more!

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Episode: 1008

lake manyara national park

Join Jack and his grandson as they journey to the lush jungles of Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. They encounter an elephant road block, migrating pelicans, baboons, hippos and more!

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Episode: 1003

exploring otavalo

Jack heads to Ecuador’s highlands to visit a colorful Ecuadorian market before heading to Parque Condor, a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned birds of prey, like Owls, Eagles and Condors.

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Episode: 804

sea turtles of pongara

Gabon is home to some of the wildest beaches on the planet, and Pongara is no exception. Come along with Jack as he witnesses one of nature’s most awe-inspiring feats — one-ton Leatherback Sea Turtles returning to shore to lay their eggs.

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Episode: 911

ecuador’s amazon

Come along into the heart of the Amazon River Basin as Jack explores untouched jungles that are teeming with wildlife. He encounters Spider Monkeys, gets a crash course in jungle survival skills, before going on a night hike in search of the Insects and Amphibians that bring the rainforest to life after dark.

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Episode: 803

rhinos of zululand

Journey into the bush in South Africa’s Zululand with Jack, Kathaleen, and Zulu Nyala’s rangers as they encounter rhinos on foot, and see the tactics rangers are using to wage war against poaching.

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Episode: 1002

napo river adventure

Deep in the Amazon, Jack ventures down the Napo River in search Pink River Dolphins. He meets a baby Tapir rescued from the jungle, and comes face-to-face with a deadly Caiman.

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Episode: 1007

creatures of the ngorongoro crater

Jack and Suzi spend the day inside Tanzania’s famed Ngorongoro Crater.  The dormant volcano home to hyena, lion, hippo, wildebeest and loads of other creatures.