Season 12

Episode 1201 Manatees in Paradise

Jungle Jack travels to the Florida Keys to return twin orphaned Manatees back to the wild, before visiting the Dolphin Research Center.

Episode 1202 Virunga’s Mountain Gorillas

Jack and Suzi head deep into Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains on a trek to find endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Episode 1203 Akagera National Park

Jack is heading to Akagera National Park in Rwanda, once devastated by poaching, to see its transformation and thriving populations of Hippos and Crocodiles, and a homecoming for African Crowned Cranes.

Episode 1204 Rwanda: Land of Milk & Honey

Jack and Suzi discover beekeepers working to protect the forest, and Jack meets the sacred cows of Rwanda.

Episode 1205 The Turtle Hospital

Jungle Jack travels to the Florida Keys to visit a hospital dedicated to saving sea turtles. They return a rescued sea turtle back to the wild and meet some incredible patients at the hospital.

Episode 1206 Trekking Rwanda

Jack and Suzi trek into Rwanda’s forest to see Colobus monkeys with their famous black-and-white markings, and hike a volcanic island filled with fruit bats.

Episode 1207 Save the Chimps

Jack gets a special behind-the-scenes look at a retirement home for chimpanzees where caregivers have rescued over 250 chimps that now live in large family groups on specially designed islands in Florida.

Episode 1208 Best of Costa Rica

Come along with Jack and Suzi for their most incredible Costa Rican adventures, like spotting a wild Jaguar, encountering the land of the stray dogs, and meeting venomous vipers.

Episode 1209 Rwanda’s Golden Monkeys

Jack and Sue head to Rwanda for an incredible encounter with Golden Monkeys before getting a taste of the local fishing traditions, and they visit a primary school.

Episode 1210 Journey to Catalina Island

Join Jungle Jack on whale watching safari to Catalina Island where he meets a Humpback Whale, Fin Whale, loads of Dolphins, California Sea Lions and more!

Episode 1211 Legendary Bison of Catalina Island

Jack and Suzi explore Catalina Island, off the coast of California, and track down a herd of wild Bison that have been living there since 1924.  They also uncover bats roosting in an old barn, and meet the island’s local veterinarian.

Episode 1212 Jack’s Best Beaches

Come along with Jungle Jack as he explores some of his favorite beaches and meets the animals that live there, like Sea Turtles, Sea Lions and loads of other marine life!

Episode 1213 Best of the Everglades

Join Jungle Jack for a journey down south to Florida’s Everglades where he meets gators, snakes and other creatures from the swamp.

Season 11

Episode 1101 Spectacular Serengeti

Jungle Jack takes his grandson on an epic Serengeti safari. They witness Cheetah and Lion on the savannah, Wildebeest and Zebra starting their annual migration and visit a local Maasai school.

Episode 1102 Costa Rica’s Bats & Vipers

Jack and Suzi head deep into Costa Rica’s jungles looking for Bats, before an up-close encounter with a deadly Fer de Lance viper. And, he meets a dog that can sniff out a rare Bushmaster species.

Episode 1103 Living on the Serengeti

Jack joins in on a mission to save an Elephant caught in a deadly snare, before getting a glimpse of life on the savannah for Lions and Leopards.

Episode 1104 Tropical Tales from Tortuguero

Jack discovers Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park. He has a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a wild Jaguar, meets Toucans, Monkeys, and Caimans all before checking out life the remote village.

Episode 1105 Best of Tanzania’s Big Cats

Come along on an epic adventure to meet the big cats of Tanzania. These top predators include Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards.

Episode 1106 Santa Rosa National Park

Jack and Suzi journey to the remote beaches of Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica to look for elusive jaguars that prey on nesting sea turtles.

Episode 1107 Best of Tanzania’s Elephants

Join Jack for a journey with the largest land mammals on Earth, the African Elephants, as he travels through their homeland of Tanzania.

Episode 1108 Costa Rica Jungle Rescue

Jungle Jack travels to a special animal rescue center in the jungles of Costa Rica, and encounters creatures around every corner. Caiman, Toucan, Iguanas, Howler Monkeys and more!

Episode 1109 Adventure to La Paz

Join Jack and Suzi for a journey to La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica where they meet local species, like sloth, hummingbirds, and jaguar, thriving in the rainforest. And, they get more than they bargained for at a local dog shelter that’s home to more than 800 rescued dogs!

Episode 1110 Land of the Maasai

Come along with Jungle Jack as he gets a rare behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of the Maasai at a village in Tanzania.  Then Jack encounters Hippos, Jackals, Hartebeest and more!

Episode 1111 Best of the Serengeti

Jack’s epic adventure to the Serengeti unfolds with a once-in-a-lifetime look at the great migration of wildebeest and zebra. Then Jack encounters elephants, lions, an African rock python and he pays a visit to a local school.

Episode 1112 Swamp Safari

Come along with Jungle Jack as he embarks on a safari through Florida’s Everglades, where he comes face-to-face with alligators and rattlesnakes. And, a rare look at the Native American traditions of the Seminole Tribe.

Episode 1113 Saving Sea Turtles

Join Jack for an adventure to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida where conservationists are working to save endangered sea turtles.  Jack witnesses a nesting Leatherback on the beach, and helps the team release a rehabilitated Loggerhead named Solana.


Season 10

Episode 1001 Galapagos: Isabela Island

Join Jack for an adventure to the Galapagos Islands. He meets giant tortoises, land iguanas, sea turtles and more!

Episode 1002 Napo River Adventure

Deep in the Amazon, Jack ventures down the Napo River in search Pink River Dolphins. He meets a baby Tapir rescued from the jungle, and comes face-to-face with a deadly Caiman.

Episode 1003 Exploring Otavalo

Jack heads to Ecuador’s highlands to visit a colorful Ecuadorian market before heading to Parque Condor, a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned birds of prey, like Owls, Eagles and Condors.

Episode 1004 Galapagos Giant Tortoises

Join Jungle Jack for an adventure to Santa Cruz Island where he visits the mating grounds of giant Galapagos Tortoises. Then he dives into the Pacific Ocean for an encounter with Galapagos Penguins and Sea Turtles.

Episode 1005 Creatures of Quito

Jack visits the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador and the Quito Zoo for an incredible up-close encounter with a Jaguar and its newborn cub, and sees Andean Condor conservation in action.

Episode 1006 Safari to Selous

Join Jungle Jack and his grandson on safari to Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, the largest reserve in Africa.  They encounter territorial hippos, nesting crocodiles along with elephant, giraffe, impala and more!

Episode 1007 Creatures of Ngorongoro Crater

Jack and Suzi spend the day inside Tanzania’s famed Ngorongoro Crater.  The dormant volcano home to hyena, lion, hippo, wildebeest and loads of other creatures.

Episode 1008 Lake Manyara National Park

Join Jack and his grandson as they journey to the lush jungles of Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. They encounter an elephant road block, migrating pelicans, baboons, hippos and more!

Episode 1009 Best of the Amazon

Come along for an epic adventure to the Amazon jungles in Ecuador and Peru.  Pink Dolphins, Anaconda, Caiman, Baby Tapirs and more!

Episode 1010 Trekking Tarangire

Join Jack and his daughter Kathaleen as they travel to Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park.  They search for an elusive elephant called Big Mamma and encounter tons of wildlife along the way.

Episode 1011 Best of Galapagos

Dive in for an epic adventure to the Galapagos Islands. Marine Iguanas, Giant Tortoises, Sea Lions and more!

Episode 1012 The Great Migration

Jungle Jack and Suzi are stunned to see the Great Migration in action as animals cross the Mara River into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.  Millions of wildebeest and zebra make the epic journey, while big cats like lion and cheetah share the famed African landscape.

Episode 1013 Best of Ecuador

Ecuador’s diverse landscapes are home to loads of unique creatures.  Visit the Mashpi cloud forests, home to hummingbirds and bushmasters; witness birds of prey in flight near Otavalo’s colorful markets; and the Quito Zoo welcomes a baby jaguar.


Season 9

Episode 901 Wildlife World Zoo

Join Jungle Jack as he enrolls his grandkids in zookeeper training at Arizona’s Wildlife World Zoo! From training Sea Lions and bottle-feeding Baby Animals, to encounters with Kangaroos, Lemurs, Warthogs, Ostrich and more!

Episode 902 Rocky Top Eagles

Come along with Jungle Jack as he heads to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for an All-American Bald Eagle adventure with the American Eagle Foundation at Dollywood! Jack checks in on Eagle nests, and preps two Eaglets for release into the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Episode 903 Bearizona

Jungle Jack is heading to the Wild West to meet up with some of America’s most iconic species! Bears, Wolves, Bison, Big Horn Sheep and more!

Episode 904 Smoky Mountain Rescue

Jungle Jack discovers the incredible dedication of caregivers in the hills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Baby Birds, Raccoons, Possums and more!

Episode 905 Tennessee State of Mind

Join Jungle Jack as he heads back to his old stomping grounds near Knoxville, Tennessee! He takes his family to his old farm, the Knoxville Zoo, the University of Tennessee for a special visit with Smokey the Dog, and they meet up with some new friends caring for animals in need!

Episode 906 Arizoona

Come along with the Hanna’s as they visit two all-American Arizona zoos. They encounter Elephants, Big Horn Sheep, Rhino, Giant Tortoises and more!

Episode 907 Best of Gabon

Join Jack for an epic adventure to the lush African country of Gabon where he encounters Mandrills, Gorillas, Sea Turtles, Elephants and some of the most pristine landscapes on the planet!

Episode 908 Into the Cloud Forest

Jack heads into the mystical and mysterious Mashpi cloud forest in Ecuador, where the rainforest meets the Andes Mountains. The forest is buzzing with hundreds of hummingbirds, bats, snakes and butterflies!

Episode 909 Going Galapagos

Jack travels to the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands where he visits a pristine island booming with bio-diversity called Fernandina, home to a huge colony of Marine Iguanas, along with Sea Lions, Sally Lightfoot Crabs and more!

Episode 910 Best of Zululand

Join Jungle Jack for an epic adventure into South Africa’s Zululand. The circle of life is on full display as Jack witnesses the birth of a baby Nyala Antelope, comes face-to-face with endangered Rhinos, discovers just how fast Dung Beetles travel, and encounters a Cheetah on a kill. All that before meeting the notorious Zulu warriors.

Episode 911 Ecuador’s Amazon

Come along into the heart of the Amazon River Basin as Jack explores untouched jungles that are teeming with wildlife. He encounters Spider Monkeys, gets a crash course in jungle survival skills, before going on a night hike in search of the Insects and Amphibians that bring the rainforest to life after dark.

Episode 912 Galapagos: Isla Rabida

Jungle Jack explores the red island known as Rabida in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. See Darwin Finches, Sea Lions, Pelicans and loads of other creatures living on the enchanting island!

Episode 913 Best of Tennessee

Jack is heading to his home state of Tennessee! He meets a one-of-a-kind farm animal living life to the fullest with a prosthetic leg, and a dedicated caregiver who’s helping loads native species get a second chance. Then Jack and Kathaleen visit the Hanna’s old family farm.


Season 8

Episode 801 Zulu Nyala

Jack heads into South Africa’s Zululand for an adventure with Cheetah, Rhino, Dung Beetles, and the Nyala antelope. Then he is welcomed into a Zulu tribe, with his daughter Kathaleen.

Episode 802 The Great Gorilla Trek

Get ready for the trek of a lifetime, deep into the forests of Gabon, as Jack searches for elusive lowland Gorillas!

Episode 803 Rhinos of Zululand

Journey into the bush in South Africa’s Zululand with Jack, Kathaleen, and Zulu Nyala’s rangers as they encounter rhinos on foot, and see the tactics rangers are using to wage war against poaching.

Episode 804 Sea Turtles of Pongara

Gabon is home to some of the wildest beaches on the planet, and Pongara is no exception. Come along with Jack as he witnesses one of nature’s most awe-inspiring feats — one-ton Leatherback Sea Turtles returning to shore to lay their eggs.

Episode 805 Lope National Park

The lush lands of Lope are home to rare and unique creatures like Forest Elephants, Forest Buffalo, and Red River Hogs. Plus loads of primates, and Jack has a close encounter with a gorilla!

Episode 806 Loango: Africa’s Last Eden

Loango National Park in Gabon is often called Africa’s Last Eden. Come along with Jack and his family as they explore the untouched wilderness, encountering Forest Elephants, Forest Buffalo, an injured Sea Turtle and the wildest beach on the planet!

Episode 807 Wings over Curacao

Jack is heading to the island-nation of Curacao for some quality time with its winged residents. From fearless flying Bats, and powerful Ostrich to pretty-in-pink Flamingos.

Episode 808 Zulu Nation

Jack heads into South Africa’s Zululand and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park – the oldest nature reserve in Africa, where he encounters Baboons, Elephant, Rhino and more, all after witnessing the birth of a baby at the Zulu Nyala Game Reserve.

Episode 809 Best of The Great Apes

Jungle Jack is crisscrossing the planet to meet up with Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orangutans. Come along for a journey with our closest living relatives, the Great Apes.

Episode 810 Big Horn Transport

It’s moving day for Arizona’s Big Horn Sheep! Come along with Jungle Jack as he joins the massive operation to relocate several Big Horns from Tonto National Forest to the Catalina Mountains in an effort to reintroduce the animals back into their native range.

Episode 811 Gabon’s Primates

Gabon’s pristine habitats are prime for primates! Come along as Jungle Jack meets up with conservationists to learn about the future of primates big and small, including Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Mandrills and more!

Episode 812 Best of Curacao

Come along for an epic adventure to the tropical Caribbean Island of Curacao! Join Jungle Jack as he braves a deep diving Submarine, encounters Dolphins on the high seas, and rolls up his sleeves for Coral Reef Conservation.

Episode 813 Best of Florida

Jungle Jack is exploring the state of Florida from the bottom up! From Sea Turtles in the Florida Keys, to Gators in the Swamp, Manatees in Crystal River to Cheetahs and Rhinos living large at White Oak. Come along for some fun in the Florida sun!


Season 7

Episode 701 Going Batty

Jack takes flight in Panama in search of Bats, Birds and other Jungle Creatures! Jack discovers how Bats are vital to Earth’s pest control, and learns about one of the coolest adaptations in the animal world – echolocation! Then Jack heads to Canopy Tower to get a birds-eye view of the rainforest canopy.

Episode 702 It’s a Jungle out There

Jack explores tributaries off the Panama Canal in search of wildlife like Capuchin Monkeys, Geoffroy’s Tamarins, Spectacled Caimans and more! Then Jack gets a behind-the-scenes look at ships crossing from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans through the Canal’s lock system, before coming face-to-face with an Ocelot and the elusive Jaguar at a local rescue center.

Episode 703 Bocas del Toro

Jack enters the Mouth of Bull, in Panama’s Bocas del Toro! Poison Dart Frogs, Snakes, Jellyfish, Sloths and so much more on this adventure to Panama’s Caribbean Coast!

Episode 704 Exploring El Valle

In Panama’s fertile volcanic valley, El Valle, Jack comes face-to-face with critically endangered Panamanian Golden Frogs and other rare and unique amphibians, before zip-lining though valley! Jack also visits a nearby Cacao plantation to learn ancient harvesting techniques, and meet the neighboring wildlife.

Episode 705 Paradise in Panama

Panama’s coastal town of Pedasi is a haven for sea creatures. Jack encounters a nesting Sea Turtle, before visiting Isla Iguana where he searches for Black Iguanas, a colony of Frigate Birds, and a whole lot more!

Episode 706 Braving Bocas

Panama’s Bocas del Toro archipelago is home to beautiful beaches and pristine waters, and it’s also home to high concentration of Bats! Jack hikes into a remote cave for an up-close look at the beneficial species.

Episode 707 Dolphins of Curacao

Jack trades his safari suit for a wet suit as he dives in with bottle-nosed dolphins! Jack and Sue, get more than they bargained for as they go along for the ride with dolphins on their daily outing into the open ocean, from their home at the island’s Sea Aquarium. Then, Jack sees how dolphin therapy is making a huge difference for kids in need.

Episode 708 Deep Dive Curacao

Jack boards a submarine heading deep into the waters of Curacao, uncovering everything from lionfish to newly discovered species. Then Jack and the team from the Columbus Zoo work to rehabilitate coral reefs by planting baby coral in the ocean, all before diving in with sharks, sea turtles and a whole lot more!

Episode 709 Horn of Hope

As rhino poaching increases every day, Jack heads to Africa and the front lines of this growing threat to see what can be done to save the rhino from extinction. Jack meets the conservationists who are fighting back using every possible option, from para-military techniques to foot patrols to save the iconic species.

Episode 710 Mandrills of Gabon

Jack treks deep into the rainforests of Gabon in search of Mandrills. The elusive and brightly colored primates are the largest monkeys in the world, and can only be found in Africa’s equatorial rainforests.

Episode 711 Baby Adventures

Jungle Jack brings us bouncing baby animals from around the world. Some are cute, some are cuddly, and some bring us hope for the next generation of wildlife.

Episode 712 DeWildt’s Cheetahs

Jack goes to work behind-the-scenes at the world-renowned Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center in South Africa where over 800 Cheetah cubs have been bred in the last 40 years. Jack also comes face-to-face with rare African Wild Dogs.

Episode 713 Best of Panama

Jungle Jack explores the unique ecosystems of Panama! The Central American country’s lush rainforests, pristine valleys and spectacular seas are home to rare creatures like bats, sloths, sea turtles and poison dart frogs. All co-existing near the world famous Panama Canal – connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


Season 6

Episode 601 Elephant Camp

Pack your trunks — Jungle Jack is heading to Zimbabwe! Just around the corner from majestic Victoria Falls, the folks at Elephant Camp are working to provide a home to orphaned Elephants in need. Jack assists the team in radio collaring a soon to be released female. And, Jack takes a walk with the fastest land mammal on the planet… an orphaned cheetah getting a second chance at life.

Episode 602 Okavango Delta

Come along with Jungle Jack as he braves the waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta! The world’s largest inland delta provides a beautiful home to thriving wildlife like Crocs, Hippos and Elephants. Then Jack hits the safari truck to explore the nearby landscape where he meets rare African Wild Dogs and elusive Leopards!

Episode 603 Chobe National Park

Join Jungle Jack as he comes face-to-face with the powerful pachyderms of Chobe National Park. The park is known for its massive elephant population, but Jack also encounters Hippos, Cape Buffalo, Kudu, Crocs, Warthogs and more! Then Jack spends the day with a local veterinarian, seeing both heartbreak and hope for the animals of Chobe.

Episode 604 Crocodile Rock

Today, Jungle Jack is in Zambia getting an up-close look at some of the toughest reptiles on the planet – fierce and dangerous Nile Crocodiles! Then he takes a walk on the wild side with white rhino, giraffe and more!

Episode 605 Zimbabwe: Cats and Dogs

At Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Jack heads out on a Lion-tracking expedition learning the dynamic social structure of these amazing Big Cats! And, Jack hits the trail looking for one of the most rare and endangered species in Africa — African Wild Dogs. All before diving into Devil’s Pool for one-of-a-kind view of Victoria Falls.

Episode 606 Best of Zimbabwe

Once known as the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe is home to some of the most iconic wildlife on the continent. But, drought, poaching and a lack of resources has left many species fighting for survival. Check out what conservationists are doing on the ground to protect Rhino, Elephants, African Wild Dogs, and more as we head, Into the Wild!

Episode 607 White Oak

Saving species on the brink of extinction takes a lot of work, but for the conservationists at White Oak in North Florida it’s not only their job, it’s their passion. This world-renowned breeding and research center is conserving endangered species one animal at a time, like Cheetah, Southern White Rhino, Indian Rhino, Addra Gazelle and many more!

Episode 608 Best of Southern Africa

From the low-lying marshes of the Okavango Delta to the deserts and grasslands, Southern Africa’s landscapes are as diverse as its wildlife. Join Jack as he navigates his way through the changing terrain, coming face-to-face with elusive Leopards, enormous Elephants, hefty Hippos, fleet-footed Lions, lethal Crocs and more!

Episode 609 For the Love of Great Apes

Jack is heading to Florida to meet some unexpected residents in the small town of Wauchula. Nestled among the orange groves, the Center for Great Apes is providing a loving home to dozens orangutans and chimpanzees in need. After being rescued, or retired from the entertainment industry, many of these playful primates had nowhere to go. Hear their remarkable stories as we head, Into the Wild!

Episode 610 The Wilds

What could be better than getting up-close animal encounters with wildlife from Africa, Asia and North America? Doing it all in one place, right here in the ole’ US of A! That’s exactly what Jungle Jack has in store on this adventure to The Wilds, in southeastern Ohio! Check out rare creatures like Takin, Asian One-Horned Rhino, White Rhino, Wild Dogs, Cheetah and whole lot more!

Episode 611 Best of California

Jack is taking his show on the road through sunny California! First up, a behind-the-scenes look at one of Jack’s TV appearances in L.A., then on to the quaint town of Solvang where Jack experiences the world-famous horse training of Monty Roberts, and visits Lil Orphan Hammies pig rescue center. Then Jack heads to Hearst Castle and encounters elk, zebra and even elephant seals!

Episode 612 Busch Gardens

Jack and Sue head into the state-of-the-art Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to assist veterinarians performing an exam on a lion! Then they encounter the high-speeds of another big cat, the cheetah, at the park’s lure course before meeting a new baby rhino!

Episode 613 Jack’s Zoo Adventures

Jack is traveling across the globe to bring you his favorite zoo adventures! From Asia’s Singapore Zoo, to Healesville in Australia, Calgary Zoo in Canada and Jack’s home, the Columbus Zoo, see what’s it’s like behind-the-scenes at some of the world’s coolest zoos. Primates, Hippos, Elephants and lots more!


Season 5

Episode 501 Wild Los Angeles

Jack visits the exciting city of Los Angeles, where he meets up with some new friends, including his good pal Betty White! Come along as Jack makes a visit to a talk show with animals in tow. Then Jack goes behind-the-scenes at the LA Zoo with komodo dragons, elephants, tapirs and much more!

Episode 502 Galloping into Solvang

Jack and his family are heading to the quaint Danish town of Solvang, California! Join Jack and Julie as they get down and dirty at Lil Orphan Hammies, an amazing rescue center for pigs of all shapes and sizes. Then Jack meets up with the world famous horse trainer, Monty Roberts, for an incredible lesson. And, the Hanna’s stop at a charming farm for miniature donkeys.

Episode 503 Hearst Ranch

Take a step back into the past, and get a unique behind the scenes tour of the famous Hearst Castle in California. Stephen Hearst, the great grandson of the media tycoon William Randolph Hearst gives Jack the grand tour of the family ranch, including herds of Roosevelt elk and zebras! With the Pacific coastline right below, Jack also checks in on a breeding colony of elephant seals.

Episode 504 Zoo to You

Jack and Sue are headed to Paso Robles, California to go behind-the-scenes at the “Zoo to You” ranch, where rescued wildlife become animal ambassadors. They get up close and personal with a Bear, Bengal Tiger, Camel, Peregrine Falcon and much more!

Episode 505 Celebrating Columbus

Jack is exploring his home city of Columbus, Ohio in honor of the city’s bicentennial. Jack goes behind-the-scenes at the Columbus Zoo, visiting its oldest and newest residents, like Colo the first gorilla ever born at a zoological park. Then Jack heads to the famed OSU equine center and goes on rounds with the vet staff before heading to a local metro park that is re-introducing a herd of American bison. Celebrate the past, present and future of Columbus on this Into the Wild!

Episode 506 Best of Peru

Peru is brimming with unique wildlife, come along as Jungle Jack takes the adventure of lifetime down the mighty Amazon! From a Tapir and Sloth, to Pink River Dolphins and Giant River Otters, this is a journey you won’t want to miss!

Episode 507 Anti-Poaching Patrol

With rhino poaching in Southern Africa on the rise, Jack travels to Zimbabwe to see rhino conservation in action. Jack goes behind-the-scenes of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation to see how they are bringing paramilitary techniques to the front lines of conservation in a fight to protect Africa’s rhinos.

Episode 508 Best of Chile

Join Jack as he explores Chile from top to bottom! From the unique animals of the Atacama Desert, to picturesque Patagonia, come along for a journey filled with South American wildlife like flamingoes, penguins, guanacos and much more!

Episode 509 Elephants of Zimbabwe

Join Jungle Jack and his family as they immerse themselves into the elephant population at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The Hanna’s hide-out underground in a unique bunker at one of Hwange’s watering holes where they get a never-before-seen perspective of the powerful pachyderms. Then Jack and Sue are faced with the unsettling effects of drought, as they see first-hand how devastating lack of water is on the park’s 30,000 elephants. This is an emotional journey Into the Wild.

Episode 510 Dog Days

Join Jungle Jack as he runs, jumps and leaps his way across the world with man’s best friend. From dogs that are helping save wild cheetah in Africa, to dogs that have been given a second chance at life right here in the ole’ U.S.A. This adventure is going to the dogs!

Episode 511 Zambezi: River of Life

Come along with Jungle Jack as he braves the mighty Zambezi River in Zambia. Africa’s fourth longest river is home to some of the continent’s most incredible and dangerous animals, like hippos and crocodiles. Jack gets up and close and personal the river’s inhabitants on a kayaking adventure before heading off on a walking safari with lions and cheetah.

Episode 512 The Mighty Pachyderms

If you love elephants like Jack, this is one adventure you won’t want to miss! From the largest African elephant Jack has ever seen, to the littlest elephants on the planet… come along for the journey of a lifetime with the biggest land mammals on the planet!

Episode 513 Just Horsin Around

Saddle up with Jack for an equine extravaganza! Jack kicks things off in western Canada where he learns the horse riding ropes from a genuine cowboy, then he heads to Florida to visit a very different kind of retirement home, all before seeing an incredible horse whisperer at work in California.


Season 4

Episode 401 Race for Survival

Some of Africa’s most recognizable animals are in trouble as they increasingly come into contact with man. So today, Jack and his family are visiting a few of the special people that are doing their part to make a difference. From protecting the world’s largest land mammal to the fastest… check out the story of the Knysna Elephant Park and Cheetah Outreach Center.

Episode 402 Pride of Sanbona

In Africa, the Lion is king! But at South Africa’s Sanbona Wildlife Reserve they are much more than that. This is the only place on the planet where white lions roam free. Join Jack as he searches for Big Cats and Big Adventure in the unique arid landscape of Sanbona!

Episode 403 Africa’s Big Five

South Africa is the place for seeing the biggest and most recognizable animals in all of Africa. So today, Jack is heading straight to the famous Shamwari Game Reserve for up-close encounters with elephants, rhino, lions and the rest of the Big Five!

Episode 404 Shamwari: Soul of the Earth

Jack is headed to South Africa to explore one of the most ground-breaking reserves on the continent – Shamwari. What once was old farming land, is now a meticulously restored eco-system brimming with wildlife and adventure. And Jack and his family don’t miss a beat, getting up close and personal with Hippos, Cheetah and much more!

Episode 405 The Cape of Good Hope

Travel with Jack, and his wife Sue, to beautiful Cape Town as they discover how South Africa’s wildlife is faring in the big city! They’re literally stopping traffic to protect a troop of travelling Baboons. Then they hit the beach to hang out with a breeding colony of African Penguins — a species on the road to recovery after being threatened by an oil spill a decade ago. Join Jack for this unforgettable adventure beneath majestic Table Mountain!

Episode 406 Ranger Jack: Back to School

Jack has always dreamed of becoming a game ranger in Africa, but actually doing it was another story until today’s adventure to the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa! Join Jack and his daughter Suzanne as they put their skills to the test at Shamwari’s Ranger School where they must experience everything from driving a 4×4, to tracking animals on foot, including a very up-close look at a pride of hungry Lions and a rare encounter with the elusive Leopard!

Episode 407 Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Join Jack and his family as they head to South Africa’s Western Cape to discover the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve! This distinctive land where the San people once lived is home to loads of unique animal experiences, from an up-close look at a trio of cheetah on the hunt, and a family of cliff-dwelling Baboons to Lions on the prowl. Don’t miss this adventure into the seldom-seen eco-systems of Sanbona.

Episode 408 Shamwari’s Wild Vets

Jungle Jack is lending a hand to Shamwari’s world-renowned veterinarians and anti-poaching unit as they work on the front lines of conservation in South Africa. Using cutting-edge technology, the team is doing everything from protecting rhinos from increasingly bold poachers, to caring for orphaned animals in need of a second chance. This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!

Episode 409 Wild Patagonia

Join Jack and Sue as they head to southern tip of Chile to explore the untamed region of Patagonia! The land beneath the towering Andes Mountains is home to Condors, Guanacos and some of the most beautiful Glaciers in the world – and Jack even learns what it takes to be a South American cowboy!

Episode 410 Best of South Africa

Join Jack for an adventure into the wilds of South Africa! From the bustling city of Cape Town to the wild eco-systems in the African bush, Jack and his family discover how wildlife is faring in this beautiful country and meet the conservationists dedicated to protecting it all.

Episode 411 The Driest Place on Earth

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is known as the highest and driest desert in the world, and it’s also home to some of the rarest wildlife on the planet. Jack wants to explore it all…from colorful flamingos to rare cats and even a newly discovered species. This is one adventure you won’t want to miss!

Episode 412 Best of Malaysia

Join Jack and his family for an unforgettable journey from Borneo to Kuala Lampur! See how conservation work on the front lines is protecting Malaysia’s unique and diverse wildlife – like adorable orangutans, slithering snakes and two species of elephants!

Episode 413 Amazon Adventure

This adventure has Jungle Jack written all over it! Join in as we head deep into the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest get a rare look at Giant River Otters, Pre-Historic Birds, Caimans and much more!

Episode 414 Manatees of the Amazon

Come along with Jack and his family as they immerse themselves in the jungles of Peru. First stop, lending a hand to a remarkable rescue effort saving Amazonian Manatees – the smallest and only freshwater Manatees in the world. Then they board a boat to discover why the Amazon is called the River of Life – uncovering everything from rarely seen insects to incredible mammals.

Episode 415 Best of Alberta

Join Jack and his family for an unforgettable adventure through Alberta, Canada! Jack kicks off his journey in Waterton – home to the world’s first international peace park – before heading into the Canadian Rockies in search of moose, and along the way spotting a big horn sheep and a gang of travelling elk. Then he gets down and dirty, uncovering animals of the past, at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Episode 416 Extreme Atacama

Exploring the driest place on Earth has its challenges even for ole’ Jungle Jack! Check out this adventure to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where Jack searches for wildlife in the most unlikely of places, and gets a first hand look at what it’s like to live in this harsh yet beautiful environment.

Episode 417 Amazon Rescue

Deep in the Amazon River basin of Peru, Jack discovers a group of young conservationists working to save orphaned and injured animals at Taricaya Rescue Center. Jack and his family lend a helping hand, as the center works to rehabilitate spider monkeys, macaws, tapirs, turtles, a jaguar, an extremely rare short-eared dog and a very fast river otter!

Episode 418 Best of Montana

Join Jack in a place that’s near and dear to his heart, in the Big Sky state of Montana! Get a glimpse of life on the Hanna’s farm, before Jack ventures out helping wildlife officials trap and release a grizzly bear that raided a family’s farm near Glacier National Park. Then he and Sue meet a couple that have dedicated their lives to providing a home for disabled dogs, cats and horses. And, Jack heads to the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains for an old-fashioned cattle drive!

Episode 419 Jungle Cruise

Jungle Jack’s taking a Jungle Cruise through the Amazon as he searches for elusive pink river dolphins. But, along the way, Jack gets a lot more than he bargained for… from a sloth to giant river otters and even anacondas! This is one adventure you won’t want to miss.

Episode 420 Protecting Peru

Jack visits a local market in a Peruvian jungle town to get a first-hand look at how the illegal pet trade is threatening many native species. Then he and Sue meet a man who’s making a big difference for hundreds of primates on Monkey Island. From woolly monkeys, to howler monkeys to sakis, this is an adventure that will truly touch your heart.

Episode 421 Penguins of Magdalena Island

Jack’s heading to the end of the Earth to bring you this adventure, from the southern tip of Chile! Kicking off this trip in a town that pays serious homage to the famous explorer Magellan, Jack boards a boat for Magdalena Island home to a breeding colony of Magellanic Penguins, where he gets a first hand look at the life of these fascinating birds. Then Jack has a rare up-close encounter with a puma and an adorable baby chinchilla.

Episode 422 Conservation in Chile

Just outside the bustling city of Santiago, Chile there are people working to conserve and protect their native wildlife. Join Jack and Sue as they meet up with a family who started out taking in abandoned pets and ended up running a rehab center for rescued primates right in their backyard. Then Jack visits a veterinarian running a center to rehabilitate and release extremely rare Andean condors.


Season 3

Episode 301 Around the World

Check out the premier of season 3! On this adventure, Jack takes you on whirlwind trip, from his home at the Columbus Zoo, to some of his favorite destinations in Africa, Australia and Florida. Jack’s meeting up with the top elephant conservationists on the planet, releasing a rehabilitated koala back to his forest home, and getting down and dirty in gator country. Fasten your seatbelt for this trip Around the World!

Episode 302 Manatees and Mermaids

Come along with Jack as he heads to Florida’s gulf coast! He and wife Sue learn the truth behind the legends of manatees and mermaids. Then, they get a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with manatees in Crystal River. And, no trip to Florida would be complete without a journey for wild gators!

Episode 303 Strays to Stars

Check out the ins and outs of animal training as Jack meets up with world-renowned trainer Joel Slaven. Jack and Joel give a very lucky animal at a local shelter a new lease on life and a starring role in Joel’s new show. And, if you thought training dogs and cats was challenging, check out Jack trying to train lemurs, kangaroos and whole lot more!

Episode 304 Calgary Zoo

Join Jack and his wife Sue as they head to the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada! From extremely endangered whooping cranes and powerful grizzly bears, to adorable red pandas and African hippos, this place has it all! Jack’s crew even gets an extra special behind-the-scenes experience at the gorilla habitat. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

Episode 305 A Grizzly Encounter

Come along with Jack on an adventure to bear country in Montana! Jack and some local bear experts come face-to-face with a grizzly that raided a family’s farmhouse. Then Jack discovers amazing animal behaviors caught on tape by remote wilderness cameras… black bears, brown bears, mountain lions and much more!

Episode 306 Rolling Dog Ranch

Jack and his wife Sue are in Montana meeting up with some amazing people who are taking animal rescue to whole new level! First, a couple that left big city life to run a ranch dedicated to animals in need. They meet blind and disabled dogs, horses and cats — each with an amazing story. Then, they head to a groundbreaking animal shelter. This is one adventure that is sure to touch your heart.

Episode 307 Hoofin’ it in Canada

Jack and Sue pack their bags and head to Alberta, Canada! Come along as they encounter wild moose in the Canadian Rockies, cross paths with bighorn sheep and spot a gang of travelling elk. Then Jack saddles up at a genuine Canadian guest ranch where a local cowboy gives him a few tips on horse riding.

Episode 308 Best of Rwanda

Join Jack and his family as they trek deep into the jungles of Rwanda and get a close-up look at wild, and extremely endangered, mountain gorillas. And, they meet some of the generous souls who have dedicated their lives to helping Rwanda’s animals and communities thrive years after the genocide. Rwanda’s one of Jack’s favorite places and it will be yours too!

Episode 309 Montana Hanna’s

Get a glimpse of Jack in his own backyard on this trip to Bigfork, Montana. Come along and check out Jack’s farm, complete with goats, cows, chickens and even campfire songs with his friends and neighbors, including the famed von Trapp family! Then the Hanna’s take a picturesque horseback ride to observe a herd Rocky Mountain Elk. And, Jack and Sue visit Triple D Game Ranch to get an up-close look at bears, wolves, and even an elusive cougar.

Episode 310 Sun River Ranch

Join Jack as he heads out on an adventure along the beautiful Sun River on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains. After an amazing helicopter trip to the remote location, Jack goes behind-the-scenes at a trout hatchery. Then he and Sue exchange practical jokes while fly-fishing along the Sun River. And, no trip to Montana would be complete with out an old-fashioned cattle drive.

Episode 311 Orangutan Orphans

Come along with Jack on a trip halfway around the world to Borneo, Malaysia. Jack heads straight for the world-class Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre that specializes in rehabilitating orphaned baby orangutans and releasing them back to their forest home. He and Sue go right to work helping the rangers with everything from bath time to feeding time, doctor check-ups and jungle training so that these adorable and endangered great apes can be released back into the wild.

Episode 312 Discovery Wildlife Park

On this adventure, Jack is headed to Alberta, Canada for a day at the Discovery Wildlife Park. He and Sue meet a couple who have dedicated their lives to helping some of Canada’s wildlife survive against the odds, like orphaned porcupines, beavers, and bears. Then Jack and Sue get some very valuable information on what to do if confronted with bear in the wild.

Episode 313 Singapore Zoo

Jack heads to Asia to visit an oasis in the bustling city of Singapore – the Singapore Zoo. Regarded as one of the top zoos in the world, this open-concept park is full of surprises for Jack and Sue, like orangutans swinging in the trees just feet above their heads; and pygmy hippos, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants and a whole lot more, including a visit to one of the world’s only night safari parks. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Episode 314 The Littlest Elephants

Join Jack as he travels to the remote Sukau River on the island of Borneo in Malaysia where he gets a seldom-seen look at pygmy elephants as they emerge from the rain forest. Then after a dawn river boat excursion where Jack spots rare proboscis monkeys, a camouflaged pit viper, and curious long-tailed macaques; Jack treks through the rainforest to see orangutans in the wild – the only great ape he has yet to see in its native habitat.

Episode 315 Best of Babies

Come along with Jack for a world tour of fun and fascinating baby animals! From a newborn baby koala and an adorable black rhino, to some rambunctious gorillas and little orangutans that will take your breath away, this is an unpredictable adventure you won’t want to miss.

Episode 316 Man and Nature

Join Jack on this unforgettable journey as he connects with some of the selfless heroes of the animal world. From a retirement home for horses in the states, to world-renowned elephant conservationists in Kenya and researchers working on the front lines to save Tasmanian Devils and Koalas in Australia. Each and every one he meets along the way has dedicated their lives to helping animals in need.

Episode 317 Canada’s Jewels

Jack travels to Canada to check out four World Heritage sites in beautiful Alberta. He kicks off his journey from Waterton, the first international peace park. Then Jack gets down and dirty at Dinosaur Provincial Park where he uncovers animals from the dinosaur age, and lends a hand to a snake researcher working in this unique habitat, all before heading to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Episode 318 Borneo’s Wildest

Join Jack as he visits the tropical island of Borneo in Malaysia where he comes face-to-face with unique proboscis monkeys. Then Jack ventures into a bat cave and is up to his ears in bats, bugs and guano! Come along for the trip of a lifetime to Southeast Asia!

Episode 319 Discovery Singapore

Jack travels to exotic Singapore for an adventure filled with some of the most fascinating creatures in the world. From swimming with a rare dugong, to getting up close and personal with pink dolphins and unique insects, Singapore is loaded with interesting animal experiences. Not to mention Jack’s visit to a local market where he has the strangest meal of his life.

Episode 320 Asian Elephant Adventure

Jack loves elephants and if you do to, join in as he heads to Malaysia to lend a helping hand at an elephant conservation center that is working to save the endangered species. From babies to bull elephants, Jack is at ground zero for Asian Elephant conservation!

Episode 321 Snakes Alive

Borneo has some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth, and Jack is there to find it! Join in as he explores Bako National Park on the South China Sea. This is a Malaysian adventure filled with snakes and lots more!

Episode 322 Crocs, Snakes & Caves

Jack is in Malaysia getting a little closer than he would like to lots and lots of crocodiles! Then he has an unforgettable encounter with a King Cobra before trekking up into Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lampur.


Season 2

Episode 201 A Fiji Fish Story

Check out the premier of season two! Jack’s in the Fiji Islands where he and his family prepare for the most hands-on fishing trip of their lives. Find out how the local people catch dinner using vines. Then they get a look at the top-secret methods used to create the most colorful pearls in the world. And, a blue-footed booby tries to make friends with Jack.

Episode 202 Along the Billabong

Come along with Jack as he heads to Melbourne, Australia. Jack and his family meet a seldom-seen monotreme – the platypus, help veterinarians at a groundbreaking hospital and walk up to wild emus. Of course, no trip to Australia is complete without seeing some kangaroos!

Episode 202 Adventure Fiji

Jack is back in Fiji where he meets a recently discovered species! Join the Hanna family as they literally see-through this species, release an endangered sea turtle and learn just how important bats are to the ecosystem…and to inspecting Jack’s hair!

Episode 204 A Bird in the Hand

Join Jack and his family as they visit an Australian rainforest and have birds eating out of their hands. Then the whole family goes climbing to find out how life is like in the treetops and Jack discovers a rare wild bird that answers to the name, “Mr. Whippy”!

Episode 205 Australia Zoo: Old Friends & New

The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, dedicated his life to helping animals. Today Jack is traveling to visit Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin and see first-hand how Steve’s dream turned into a reality as the Hanna family meets up with the Irwin family at the Australia Zoo. They get a behind-the-scenes look at Sumatran tigers, elephants, and you guessed it, crocodiles!

Episode 206 Devils, Wombats & Roos

Come along with Jack and the gang to Tasmania where they’re checking out some of the most unique animals on the planet at Trowunna Wildlife Park. They meet an incredibly cute baby wombat, get up-close and personal with some hungry devils, then Jack gets a “quoll” from a seldom-seen marsupial, plus kangaroos and koalas!

Episode 207 Koalas of Cape Otway

Jack and Sue travel Down Under to visit one of the newest and greenest animal sanctuaries in Australia. They meet up with an inspiring young couple that is running a totally sustainable B&B while caring for orphaned and injured wildlife. Jack and Sue help release a rehabilitated koala back into the wild!

Episode 208 Tazzie Terror

Jungle Jack is heading into devil country in Tasmania, Australia to meet up with leading-edge researchers who are working to save Tasmanian Devils from a deadly cancer that is wiping out the population. Then come along with Jack and daughter Suzanne on a mission to find wild platypus.

Episode 209 Best of Fiji

Come along with Jack and his family for their most memorable adventures in Fiji! See Jack dive with a bull shark, encounter a highly venomous sea snake and get in a sticky situation with a sea creature. Then Jack takes part in some local traditions and learns of Fiji’s ominous past.

Episode 210 Dreamworld

Join Jack as he heads to Australia’s Gold Coast. Meet a rare blue-eyed koala, feed a Tasmanian devil and watch a tiger jump over Jack! Things get messy when Jack meets up with some boys from the outback and tries his hand at an Aussie tradition.

Episode 211 Bruny Island

Take a trip with Jack and the Hanna family to Bruny Island in Tasmania. See an all-white wallaby, watch wild fur seals at play and go on a thrilling boat ride on the Tasman Sea that ends with a surprise dolphin encounter.

Episode 212 Florida Keys

Go behind the scenes of animal care with Jack to a special turtle hospital in Marathon, Fla. See what it takes to rehabilitate the reptiles and watch a release back Into the Wild! Then Jack visits the Dolphin Research Center and brushes-up on his animal communication skills.

Episode 213 Best of Australia

If you love animals, like Jack, visiting the land Down Under pays off big time! From the loveable Koala to the feisty Tasmanian Devil, this adventure to the other side of the world uncovers some of the most unique animals on the planet. Plus Jack and his family get a special tour of the Australia Zoo from the Irwin family.

Episode 214 Billie Swamp Safari

Jack heads to Seminole country in the Florida Everglades and gets way more than he bargained for, from a cottonmouth water moccasin with a bad attitude, to a swamp buggy with no brakes. This adventure’s got him uncovering alligator nests, and wranglin’ some big gators that need to be released back into the wild. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss!

Episode 215 Best of Kenya

When you’re in Kenya, “wild” doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. Join Jack as he takes his adventures to a whole new level with this journey through one of Africa’s most pristine wild places. He finds baby elephants, rhino, cheetah, lions, hippos and whole lot more!


Season 1

Episode 101 Lewa: Fast and Deadly

Check out the first season of Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild. It’s the same old Jack, only better! Join Jack in Kenya as he tracks a trio of hunting cheetah, braves a pack of scavenging jackals, and then with wife Sue meets an extremely endangered and undeniably cute baby black rhino.

Episode 102 Lewa: Great and Small

Jack’s on a mission in Kenya and he’s heading straight for the world’s largest land mammals — African elephants and white rhinos! And, we all know Jack never forgets the little guys, join in as he uncovers some delicate and vital relationships in the animal kingdom.

Episode 103 Bloopers, Blunders and Behind-the-Scenes

If you thought your home movies were embarrassing, just wait until you get a load of Jack’s bloopers. Join Jack behind-the-scenes for some of his most memorable moments like getting pecked by an ostrich, tangling with a snake, taking fashion advice from a Samburu warrior and more!

Episode 104 Road to Recovery

Join Jack in a place near and dear to his heart, Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, where he finds new hope for wildlife after years of turmoil. Then Jack gets up close and personal with the biggest wild elephant he’s ever seen in his life!

Episode 105 Gorillas of Rwanda – Part One

Jack travels to Rwanda where he meets up with some old friends and makes some new ones at two very different, but inspirational orphanages. Join Jack and his family as they encounter extremely rare golden monkeys while trekking through the jungle in search of endangered mountain gorillas. Then Jack holds an impromptu golf tournament with his beloved camera crew.

Episode 106 Gorillas of Rwanda – Part Two

Jack and his family travel into the mountain gorillas’ homeland, deep in the jungles of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. With only 700 of these great apes left in the wild, they learn first-hand what’s being done to save the gentle giants. And, with Jungle Jack as their guide, the Hanna’s have a ton of fun along the way.

Episode 107 Chimps and Conservation

Join Jack and his family as they search high and low for chimpanzees in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest. Then they get up close and personal with some colobus monkeys. And, Jack meets up with an old friend who’s pioneering a conservation effort for the local women.

Episode 108 Dry Days in Samburu

Jack travels to the picturesque lands of Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya where he finds hope for animals like lions, gerenuk and Cape buffalo that have been surviving through a long drought. Then Jack embraces his inner warrior in true Samburu fashion.

Episode 109 Comin’ Home

Jack’s animal experiences have taken him all over the world, but this adventure is one of his wildest yet. Jack’s comin’ home to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio where he gives his grandkids a behind-the-scenes tour. Join in as they learn the ins and outs of zoo keeping, while meeting up with amazing animals like elephants, a clouded leopard and a baby koala.

Episode 110 Into the Wilds

Join Jack and his family as they head into The Wilds of Ohio to visit a 10,000-acre conservation center that’s home to over 25 species. Before enjoying a blissful night camping under the stars, they take a closer look at some very unique animals like Szechwan takins, Bactrian camels, rhinos and even a cheetah!

Episode 111 Save the Elephants

From the far reaches of the beautiful Samburu lands in Northern Kenya, come along with Jack for an unforgettable elephant adventure, with legendary Save the Elephants founder Iain Douglas Hamilton.

Episode 112 Field of Dreams

Come along with Jack and wife Sue as they pay a visit to the sunny state of Florida’s most unique and inspirational retirement home. They meet up with an amazing couple who is spending their golden years in a labor of love: providing a safe and peaceful retirement for horses that would otherwise be forgotten.

Episode 113 Return to Masai Mara

Wild is just a way of life on Kenya’s Masai Mara. Join Jack as he visits one of his favorite African destinations while enjoying beautiful unspoiled vistas, meeting amazing Masai people and getting up-close and personal with the animal population, including lions, elephants, hyenas, ostriches and more!

Episode 114 Flying High over the Masai Mara

Come along with Jack on an amazing safari through Kenya’s Masai Mara as he braves the rushing Mara River filled with Hippos and Nile Crocs. Then Jack explores wildlife after dark, before topping off his trip with an unforgettable hot-air balloon ride high above the majestic land.

Episode 115 Lake Nakauru

Join Jack as he journeys to Lake Nakuru National Park where wildlife is prospering in Central Kenya. The thriving eco-system is home to more than a million flamingos, endangered white and black rhinos, and the rare Rothschild giraffe. Jack also visits with an inspiring American conservationist working in the region.

Episode 116 Conservation in Kenya

Jack is heading to Mt. Kenya where not one, but two extinct species are about to make a comeback. Come along with Jack as he discovers how the elusive bongo antelope and the stunning white zebra are being reintroduced Into to the Wild.

Episode 117 Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

Jack’s heading back to school! Join in as he meets up with the zookeepers of tomorrow at the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Fla. where he gets a lesson in training a kookaburra, shifting a trio of Galapagos tortoises, and whole lot more!

Episode 118 Nairobi Animal Orphanage

Today we’re heading just outside the city limits of Nairobi, Kenya where conservation efforts are proving that man and nature can co-exist. Jack and Sue meet up with renowned conservationists Chryssee and Esmond Bradley Martin and see hyenas, warthogs and even a cheetah, before searching for white rhino in Nairobi National Park.

Episode 119 Elephant Orphans

Experience a side of Kenya you’ve never seen before as Jack journeys to Nairobi where he and Sue learn to care for baby elephant orphans at a truly groundbreaking animal nursery. Then they come face to face with some of the country’s tallest citizens – the endangered Rothschild giraffe.

Episode 120 Jack’s Favorite Babies

Everybody loves baby animals – especially Jack and Sue! Check out some unpredictable moments from undeniably cute babies like wombats, koalas, elephants — and even a black rhino named after you know who.

Episode 121 Diving with Sharks

Get ready for one of Jack’s best adventures yet, because the Hanna’s are heading to the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. They get a taste of the local flavor and explore life under the surface, including a scuba diving expedition into shark-infested waters where they come face to face with a huge tiger shark!

Episode 122 Seaing Snakes

Jack and family brave the unpredictable weather and visit the beautiful islands of Fiji. A trip to see red-footed boobies quickly turns into a sea snake-infested island expedition. Then they visit the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort to check out a magnificent coral reef.